Short job interview

People loves their family. Me too. But sometimes I wanna go long way from my home. I hope I will make me feel good. Anyway this my opinion. maybe its change be

Today I come back home. "I don't want to do anything" Because my job application did not go well. The Fucking little girl misinformed me. So I late the job application a four minute. Just four minute.. But the manager is there. I told to the girl. I am here. I wanna talk to with the job manager. TFLG say ; Alright wait here. I tell my manager.

Ten minute later. This crazy fucking girl told me. Her administer gone. I shcok. The girl started cry. Omg! I am full of anger. I left out of the office. I will never come back.

I did not do anything today. Because of the girl. 


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