Interstellar Film And Effects

I watched many movies on my computer but these are not like that. Interstellar has a perfect scenario and a dramatic scenario. I listened to music every time in my life. Some kinds of music listened just have a nice day but always listened it.  This movie like these musics.

I don't watch first time to the movie. I watched this first out. But this movie effects me every time. Maybe 6... Coope and his daughter have a great relationship. This relation effects me like everyone else. Yesterday I watched again. I am never be sad. Cause this movie make me happiness and hopefully for  both humanity and science.

Everyone should watch this movie. I sure effects will be affected. The movie has a great sound track. I used the sound track in my phone ringtone. I sad and hopefull when I hear my phone ringtone. I have strange emotion for this movie. But it is all good. Not bad. Not fear. Just strange emotion. Maybe undefined emotion on my mind.

This post my first the English post. I will try again next other posts. I hope you liked my post. Maybe you comment for my english writen skill. Maybe you comment for the movie. Whatever please comment. I like comment and comminication. I know this post has a little text. But if you make comment for my post I WILL MAKE GREAT POST AGAIN :D


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